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Working with Multihull Technologies, Inc. for over 20 years.

Nigel Irens Design - Here is a taste of some of the projects we have been involved in over recent years. As you will notice they are a fairly mixed bag from 60' racing trimarans displacing 5.3 tonnes to a live-aboard 40' cruising gaff cutter which weighs in at 20 tonnes!

We feel that there is nonetheless a common link between them in that they are all boats designed for very specific purposes for owners who are very exacting in their requirements.

There is no shortage of mainstream production boats available in the world but if you are looking for something original and different then we would like to hear from you.


ZRD - ZRD is a full service Marine Electrical System Designer, High Output Alternator, Bracket, Power Take Off (PTO), Pulley, and DC Genset Manufacturer.

Solutions Cruiser Designed for Sailors and Adventurers!

The pessimist complains about the lack of electrical power. The optimist expects to just add a battery. The realist contacts ZRD.
When working towards the solution to a problem, it always helps if you know the answer or know who you should contact that does.
Problems can not be solved with the same mindset that created them - It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has the correct data.

High Modulus

For two decades, High Modulus has championed the use of composite engineering and technology in the international marine market.

It was the aim of the company's founder, Bob Rimmer, to promote composite construction and High Modulus quickly established a formidable reputation for innovative thinking and solutions.


The Island Group, comprised of Island Engineering, Island Graphics, and Island Tec, is a group of Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Designers, Machinists, and Technicians. Capabilities include 3D Computerized Design Engineering and Graphics, Electrical Engineering, Hydrostatics, Hydrodynamics, Mechanical and Electronic Fabrication, Testing and Data Acquisition.


Calvert Sails - Since 1986, Calvert Sails has been making tough, fast sails for boats ranging from beachcats to ocean racers and earning a reputation as an creative innovater who turns ideas into success. Owner Dave Calvert began making sails since 1972 and brings a wealth of personal experience in racing and cruising to his design and manufacturing work. The entire team works on the principle that every Calvert sail is a custom sail. There's no lower or higher quality range - every sail has the best possible shape and we match materials and details to your particular application. You can expect quality sails from Calvert Sails and we'll deliver, at a price that may surprise you.


MAS Epoxy - MAS Epoxies, manufactured by Phoenix Resins, Inc., are the most advanced, high performance, user friendly epoxy formulas in the world. We support all our products with knowledgeable, easy to reach staff and provide a 100% money back guarantee. New Construction Fiberglass & Wood Repair Laminating Fairing Blister Repair & Barrier Coating Bonding Vacuum Bagging


FORTE REINFORCED TEXTILE STRUCTURES is a partnership formed by Dr. Ted Van Dusen NA and Anthony De Lima. Within the extremely competitive composites market we will serve the discerning, yet cost driven consumer of composite structures. At FORTE, our goal is to offer carefully engineered structures, built in a highly efficient environment at a very competitive price.

VECTORPLY - The Vectorply family of marine fabrics are designed to optimize the stiffness, strength, weight and cost of elements of the hull including bottom, topsides, decks, bulkheads, stringers, etc...


Boulter Plywood - Most of our customers throughout the world are unable to shop in person at Boulter Plywood Corp. Therefore, over the years, they have relied on our expertise and experience in the selection of hardwood and marine lumber, plywood, and veneer. We strive to coordinate these items to enhance the compatibility of color and grain for all your projects, both large and small.


Yanmar Diesel - Yanmar Diesel is the nation's leading supplier of marine diesel engines for re-powering and new boat construction. Designed as marine engines from the start, Yanmar provides high performance, lightweight engines that are smooth running and fuel-efficient. Their durability makes them the best choice for pleasure boaters around the world.


HYDROSAIL INC. - Sam Bradfield, Tom Haman and Mike McGarry lead HydroSail Inc. with 50 years of experience designing and sailing hydrofoil boats. After setting World Sailing Speed Records in 1979, Dr. Bradfield & HydroSail moved forward to designing hydrofoil systems which are practical for everyday sailors and even racers!


Sebago Catamarans

Sebago Catamarans
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Rustic Schooner - A Hard Chine Plywood Schooner Rigged Catamaran under construction at Multihull Technologies, Inc.

NEW WAVE SYSTEMS, INC. - New Wave Systems, Inc. develops and sells software for computer-aided boat & ship design and construction. Our main product, "The Nautilus System", is an integrated set of computer programs for defining, fairing, analyzing, and constructing any type of boat or ship. Whether you are a first time backyard boatbuilder or a professional naval architect or shipbuilder, we have a program for you. can create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids in Windows. There are no limits on complexity, degree, or size. Rhino also supports polygon meshes and point clouds.

Start with a sketch, drawing, physical model, or only an idea—Rhino provides the tools to accurately model your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing.


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